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we are world's first! safety certified


tofmotions spotguard, based on our worlds first safety certified time-of-flight camera, provides an application for observing safety spots in production, logisitcs and robotics. The user can easily define and place the safety zones via our super simple user interface. An infringement is messaged to the machine controller via OSSD signal, which triggers a corresponding machine action (i.e slowing down).

Experience the functionality of our spotguard application in our product movie!

spotguard in action @FHTW.mp4

use case - autonomous transport

tofguard® products perceive their environment holistically and recognize objects in real-time. Similar to the spotguard, zones can be easily defined according business requiremets for serving real transport automation. The holisitic image recognition and the cameras 3D coordinate system is not only the very basis for reliable assisting functions, that's the step into real transport automation.

your benefits:

  • Flexible routes without mechanic guidance

  • Dynamic reaction to hurdles

  • Easy adaptation to changing plant environment

  • Reduction of processing time

  • Step in at your maturity level and grow organically

Current sensors of AGVs no longer serve the needs of flexible, performant and safe transporting processes. It is intolerant to todays fast changing environments but also requires high investments and maintenance.

An example for a scene of a floor shop, captured by a single line laser scanner, which is the common technology actually used for Automated Guided Vehicles

The same scene captured by our industrial time-of-flight camera. This is the future technology. Obviously. Undeniably.

use case - real HRC

tofguard® observes a workplace (i.e. assembling) that is set up as defined zones within the cams coordinate system. By knowledge of each step of operation the risk collision is known upfront and mitigated by the cam. Enters the robot within the defined sequence of safety spots a danger zone a machine reaction at the controller is triggered by an OSSD signal.

your benefits:

  • Enabling of real collaboration

  • Safety spots defined by process

  • Reduction of accident rate and heavy labor

  • Increased flexibility and efficiency