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our mindest is trust in motion

tofmotion was founded in 2017 by three technology and branch experienced owners, Christian, Franz and Robert.

Led by their mindset of trust in motion and development, the Austrian company is producer of high quality industrial 3D cameras and world's first provider of safety certified 3D time-of-flight cameras ready for mass production. Our mindset and our corporate values shape our products and services.

We are aware of our capabilities and use them for business excellence. We are authentic and reliable in every movement.

We are running our business with passion and curiosity. We know our technical competence and power for innovation which we enjoy using for our common growth and development.

We experience our customers in their situation and emphasize their needs for purposeful and tailored products and service provision. As a global frontrunner in time-of-flight we accompany our customers up to their success.

Franz Duregger, Dr. Christian N. Neufeld, Dr. Robert Hranitzky (co-founders of tofmotion)