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our mindest is trust in motion

tofmotion was founded in 2017 by three technology and branch experienced owners, Christian, Franz and Robert.

Led by their mindset of trust in motion and development, the Austrian company is producer of high quality industrial 3D cameras and world's first provider of safety certified 3D time-of-flight cameras ready for mass production. Our mindset and our corporate values shape our products and services.

we shape the future of time-of-flight

By our attitude and professionalism tofmotion has become frontrunner in safety certified 3D time-of-flight sensors and applications. To maintain and further develop ourselves we take an active part in selected associations and special interest groups.

Initiated by the bmvit, Photonics Austria, the Austrian platform for lightning technology, has the aim to develop national and international research strategies and programs as well as to bundle European activities.

For more information please visit the website https://www.photonics-austria.at

GMAR is the Austrian platform for measurement, automation and robotics technology and acts as a representative for companies, research and academic institutes as well as individuals working in the targeted branches. They aim for a strong networking of all participants, are stakeholder for our ministries in terms of technology, innovation and funding programs and establish ties between research and economic practice.

For more information please visit the website http://www.gmar.at

Grand Garage in Linz is a 4000m2 maker space providing industrial machines, professional trainings and creative space for development and growth. They want to empower all people and organizations with interest in technology independent from their age, gender, nationality or social standing.

For more information please visit the website https://grandgarage.eu

tofmotions corporate values

Our corporate values form our day to day business and are our guideline on our way of professionalism and innovation.

We are aware of our capabilities and use them for business excellence. We are authentic and reliable in every movement.

We are running our business with passion and curiosity. We know our technical competence and power for innovation which we enjoy using for our common growth and development.

We experience our customers in their situation and emphasize their needs for purposeful and tailored products and service provision. As a global frontrunner in time-of-flight we accompany our customers up to their success.