"more than an image"

The time of flight (ToF) technology offers new dimensions in autonomy of machines and facilities.

Our ToF sensor products capture the whole scene in a laser flash.

"the standard is not our limit"

tofmotion is one of the first companies providing ToF products with automotive certified sensors.

"we enlighten your business"

tofmotion offers services and trainings enabling our customers to go much deeper in future product designs and developments.

"when experience meets ideas"

tofmotion was founded in 2016 by three technology and branch experienced owners, Franz, Robert, and Christian. We do not only share many years of experience in this highly innovative ToF-technology, but also our interest for the good old 50ties and 60ties. Peoples thinking had no limits, they've been open minded, creative and excited on all the opportunities.

tofmotion GmbH


EURO PLAZA, Am Europlatz 2, Building G, 1120 Vienna, Austria