the standard is not our limit

Our mindset is trust in motion.

The equal evolution of human and machines.

We contribute to a mutual trust by letting each other seen,

complementing human with artificial intelligence

and our understanding that technology incorporates nature as it is co-created by humans.

a perfect start - we are TOP innovators of 2020!

Our spotguard application has been awarded by the professional committee of inVISION as one of the top 10 innovations in 2020!

2019-10 TFM ProductMovie Spotguard.mp4

tofmotion is world's first in producing safety certified high quality industrial 3D time-of-flight cameras and one of the first companies providing ToF cameras with automotive certified sensor

Our cameras enhance industrial standards in numerous aspects

  • higher frame rates (100fps)
  • holistic image recognition
  • independent from light conditions
  • embedded real-time image processing
  • mechanically very robust, no moving parts